Beautiful canvas prints to brighten a room.

I love the bush. Photographing and filming our extraordinary landscape fulfils many passions but most strongly of all is the places and the people, who without photography as a vehicle I wouldn’t have the privilege of seeing or meeting.

Showglow Pix is about inspiring others to get out and discover our rural places and if an image moves someone enough to purchase then that’s a bonus.

  • Ready-to-hang canvas prints
  • Archival 450gsm canvas
  • Flat-rate shipping anywhere in Australia
  • Satin laminate
  • Sustainably sourced hardwood, timber frames


Read about Victoria’s remote wilderness.

Cruising Margaret River

Margaret River, one of Australia's most famous tourist destinations built on the back of the grape, supported by it's food, surf and nature. Wedged smack, dab, bang in the middle of an anvil head, chunk [...]

The Snowy River Scheme

Do yourself a favour before you pass this world, head to the Snowy River scheme and give yourself a minimum two-week tour. The sheer enormity and grandeur of this project is something to behold. Aside from this there’s the usual trimmings of hiking, riding, skiing, boozing, camping and nature loving but in the interests of brevity let’s stick to one of the world’s modern engineering feats. […]

The Ada Tree Hike

Stroll through ancient Myrtle Beech and Sassafras rainforest en route to the Ada Tree, a goliath Mountain Ash that is Victoria's tallest known tree. Estimated at close to 400-years old, 75-metres tall and with a [...]

Ballarat International Bienalle 2015

The Ballarat International Foto Bienalle is a month long photo festival celebrating contemporary Australian and International photography. Held every two years in a variety of venues across Ballarat, the exhibition comprises the core program of [...]

Mt Buller to Craig’s Hut

Well Mt Buller, what to say about it? Firstly it’s magic in the summer months. No cold, no snow, just plenty of massive vista’s in temperate conditions. But if I thought I’d have it all to myself, like some kind of reverse “The Shining” – without the creepy bits – I was wrong. […]

Into the Redwood at East Warburton

Bushwalking Victoria aims to give viewers a hiking preview of Victoria's greatest outdoor destinations. This first location video coincided with a photography shoot at Cement Creek's Californian Redwood plantation in East Warburton, so what better [...]

Sherbrooke Forest

When we left our rental lifestyle in hipster chic Northcote, with all it’s old world charm, cafe culture and views of the CBD for Melbourne’s outer eastern suburb of Croydon, part of the reasoning was that it would give us unprecedented easy access to beautiful, natural areas which […]

MCG Open Day

It's an incredible feat to have the "G" all spruced up by 10am the day after 100,000 people cram it's rafters leaving behind a mountain of refuse. But that's exactly what the MCG did this [...]

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