Beautiful canvas prints to brighten a room.

I love the bush. Photographing and filming our extraordinary landscape fulfils many passions but most strongly of all is the places and the people, who without photography as a vehicle I wouldn’t have the privilege of seeing or meeting.

Showglow Pix is about inspiring others to get out and discover our rural places and if an image moves someone enough to purchase then that’s a bonus.

  • Ready-to-hang canvas prints
  • Archival 450gsm canvas
  • Flat-rate shipping anywhere in Australia
  • Satin laminate
  • Sustainably sourced hardwood, timber frames


Read about Victoria’s remote wilderness.

Bushwalking Victoria: Lake Elizabeth

Situated within 30-minutes drive of bicycle mad, Forrest township, this hike takes in the serene and eerily, mysterious waters of Lake Elizabeth. Eerie for the dead Mt Ash tree trunks which rise from it's surface [...]

Bushwalking Northern Territory: Ormiston Gorge – Pound Walk

The Pound Walk at Ormiston Gorge is a 9km circular track. Completed in an anti-clockwise direction it winds up through a steep-sided valley, with impressive views either side of the ridge at its summit. A [...]

Bushwalking Victoria: O’Shannassy’s Aqueduct

Section: Yuonga Rd to Dee River. The O'Shannassy Aqueduct is an engineering feat of its time. A 30km long, mostly open chute made predominately from cement extending from O'Shannassy reservoir to the Silvan dam. It [...]

Sheoak Falls & Cumberland Valley

Following the hiking trail off The Great Ocean Rd, past Sheoak Falls, Swallow's Cave, Sheoak Picnic Area, up and over the ridge, dropping into the high-walls of Cumberland Valley.

Cambarville Historical Area

One of Victoria's most accessible areas for viewing large stands of Mountain Ash. Located East of Marysville in the central highlands of the Great Dividing Range, the Cumberland Circuit walk provides a fascinating insight to [...]

Wirrawilla Rainforest Walk

Wirrawilla rainforest walk and Myrtle Gully Circuit track are found within a 20-minute drive of Toolangi. A great visit for hot days where the temperature in the valley here can oftentimes be up to 15-degrees [...]

Ingliston Gorge & Falcons Lookout

Ingliston Gorge is the lesser known, of the gorge walks in Werribee State Park. Doubled up with Falcons Lookout these hikes make a pleasant half days worth of hiking.

Mount Eccles National Park Hike

Found in the heart of South-Western Victoria's volcanic region stretching from Portland to the Grampians, Mount Eccles is located within 10-minutes drive of Macarthur. The volcanic mar of Mount Eccles has become flooded in by [...]

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