Beautiful canvas prints to brighten a room.

I love the bush. Photographing and filming our extraordinary landscape fulfils many passions but most strongly of all is the places and the people, who without photography as a vehicle I wouldn’t have the privilege of seeing or meeting.

Showglow Pix is about inspiring others to get out and discover our rural places and if an image moves someone enough to purchase then that’s a bonus.

  • Ready-to-hang canvas prints
  • Archival 450gsm canvas
  • Flat-rate shipping anywhere in Australia
  • Satin laminate
  • Sustainably sourced hardwood, timber frames


Read about Victoria’s remote wilderness.

Cathedral Range Hike

Rising like a 7-kilometer, long, tsunami of rock about to engulf the Acheron Valley, the Cathedral Range is an unmissable landmark between Buxton and Taggerty. There are a number of hikes ranging from the sedate, [...]

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Long Point, Cape Schank Hike

WALK: 10.4km | GRADE: Easy | ENVIRONMENT: Coastal Forest/Farmland Located only minutes from the Cape Schank lighthouse turn-off, on the Mornington Peninsula is the Long Point reserve. Long Point hike criss-crosses Main Creek starting out [...]

The You Yangs, East-West Hike

WALK: 4.5km | GRADE: Easy | ENVIRONMENT: Exposed hill top Unmistakably dominating the landscape between Melbourne and Geelong are the twin humps of the You Yangs. As folklore has it (or scientists) 350-million years ago - so long ago that [...]

Mildura – The Land of Orange & Grape

The Very Cool Murtoa Stick Shed Took some recent time off to go see what all the fuss was about with these silo paintings. It was a fantastic excuse really as I'd pondered for [...]

  • exterior view of Rio Vista House and the fountain

W.B Chaffey’s House – The Rio Vista Grande

The story of William Benjamin Chaffey - W.B or 'Boss' to the locals - and his brother George Chaffey is a remarkable one. These Canadian raised brothers first gained their Australian connection through Sir Alfred [...]

Brim Silo Art – Breathtaking Painting by Guido van Helten

The Brim silo's first struck the Australian social consciousness in early 2016 as media organisations, both print and digital, clambered over themselves to produce copy regarding the awe-inspiring site of painted, westward facing, double Geelong-silo's [...]

Burnham Beeches Estate

It started with a Sunday flick through Zomato (was it more memorable as Urbanspoon or am I still adjusting?) for a Sunday drive destination and finished with this newsletter. Funny how you think you know [...]

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