Mod and I used the weekend to sharpen our lenses on a much lampooned district of the Melbourne CBD, the Docklands. I used to work in the area and unfortunately while the area shows real promise as a public attraction; water views, swank shops, ice rink, great public areas, it seems to have so far heavily under delivered. Harbourside shopping centre looks like a movie set for an Apocalyptic Sci-Fi. As if shopfronts are on the brink of a zombie invasion crazy discounts abound – 70% off is commonly seen. Which makes you wonder what their mark up was? We took some shots on an escalator before being told off by a security guard for fooling around. I asked him what danger we posed as there was no-one else about to use it but he was relishing the chance to “serve and protect” the local seagull population so we pressed on.

The Docklands has some mighty fine art sculptures which rim the harbour and an ice rink, handy for killing an hour or two. If the big hamster wheel starts turning over and the wind eases over the summer some of those store discounts might stop shouting so loud.