Thursday night was another interesting edition of Photo Night Walks. Interiors was the theme. I wish I could inform you of the names to each location but I missed the first trying to convince a corporate type that his photo was worth taking and that there was nothing insidious about my motives (he wasn’t convinced). The second location – a cafe/bar – was a mishmash of colour that I happily got lost in without taking note of its name but it’s found on Little Lonsdale between Russel and Exhibition. The third location I got lucky and took a photo of its name – “The Seamstress“, a trendy little restaurant/bar with a New York cloth shop feel to it (at least in the basement).

Finished the night at a Melbourne foodies temple, the venerable Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar. An Italian cookpot of tradies, muso’s, corporates, kids, streetsweepers & socialites all on barstools clustered so tight you rub knees with the punter either side of you. Here’s a restaurant that knows exactly what it’s all about and how to deliver on it. Next time I might even emerge from the mountain of spag boll to get some shots.