If you’re lacking creative impetus in your life get down and see the troop of Cirque Du Soleil currently performing under the big top in Docklands opposite the Studios. The performers ability to defy physics and the assumed limits of anatomy are at times both jaw droopingly beautiful and astonishing.

The real “kicker” of a cirque performance is the quality paid to every aspect of the event. World-class music, lighting, costumes, set design, props, rigging, foyer bar and marketing material. Sadly the only thing not repackaged and designed for an ultimate adventure are the porta-loos. They’re still just stinking, slow to get into porta-loos, but no-ones perfect.

Aside from the after-glow experienced from witnessing the Olympics of performing arts, there’s a reaffirming feeling as you walk out of the tent into the balmy salted air that with discipline and passion, humans are still capable of pushing the boundaries on what is defined as impossible, giving hope on so many different levels.

Cirque Du Soleil_Ovo 001