The Gertrude Street Light Projection Festival is on again, at, if you haven’t been paying attention Gertrude St in Fitzroy. This fantastic annual event has been held each Melbourne Winter since 2008. I first attended it two-years ago and remember being astounded that the entire event was completely not-for-profit, ran entirely by volunteers. The organisers, sponsors (City of Yarra, Bendigo Bank, Nelson Alexander etc) and Gertrude traders all need commending for having the foresight to begin such an event but also continue it as a Melbourne tradition.

If I had to leave you with a 3-2-1, the votes would fall as follows (sincere apologies to the artists, I found it difficult to track down who did what. If anyone knows these answers please reply below so I can make amendments to the following write-up) ;

3-Votes: Alley Fish – Perhaps because of its positioning on the ground, or the contrast between light and dark, or just the sheer calming image of water and fish this projection attracted more attention and “ohhs” and “ahhs” then any of the other works. A great idea that had me dreaming of a Tahitian thatched hut with a glass bottom floor.

2-Votes: Commission Flat Projection – Large, grande and visually arresting. Has a variety of patterns which cycle through including one that provokes memories of “Batman Forever.” That’s a little unfortunate but the gratuitous purple and large comic book styled typo sure looked impressive.

1-Vote: Pop-culture stew – There’s a projector toward Smith St in the last alley on the left that cycles through a large variety of Pop identities with a little Banksy humour mixed to good effect.

Hopefully the future is bright for this little gem of a festival. It would be great to see it garner better sponsorship and expand its territory along Langridge St and into Little Oxford St. There it could take advantage of giant, brick factory and residential facades with darker street lighting and that quirky, stylised, street art found throughout pockets of Fitzroy.

If you need some artistic inspiration or want to reconnect with a street icon of inner Melbourne, get along to the Gertrude St Projection Festival. At the very least you’ll find a great coffee or a tasty beer.

GSLP 001

If lights aren’t your thing then maybe you fancy mannequins?

GSLP 003

Great examples of street art lurk in the alley’s.

GSLP 031


GSLP 004

Gosh that white patch is getting bad. Time for a shave.

GSLP 032

Tree TV.

GSLP 033

The Music.

GSLP 005

Long light.

GSLP 006

Project Projector.

GSLP 007

Rock Quiz?

GSLP 008

Fruit salad.

GSLP 009

Oriental dawn.

GSLP 034

Fantastic man.

GSLP 035

Shadow puppets.

GSLP 010

Gotham City.

GSLP 011

Mystic pool.

GSLP 036

Deep alley fishing.

GSLP 037

No-one could ignore this light.

GSLP 038

Light bulb moment.

GSLP 012

They love their mannequins on Gertrude and so do I.

GSLP 013

Builder Noir.

GSLP 014

Top of the food chain.

GSLP 039

Out of the ball park.

GSLP 015


GSLP 016

Banksy inspired.

GSLP 017

Not what you want tailing you on a quiet country road.

GSLP 018

My favourite barber shop.

GSLP 019


GSLP 020


GSLP 021

Best costumes in town.

GSLP 022

Barbers, cafes & mannequins. This is Gertrude St.

GSLP 023

Great shot.

GSLP 040


GSLP 024

Light factory.

GSLP 025

I’d buy this shop with a spare mill.

GSLP 026

Gerty & Nap.

GSLP 027

Car saber.

GSLP 028

Sea snails.

GSLP 030

Punchy meal.

GSLP 029

Stephen King.