WALK: 4.5km | GRADE: Easy | ENVIRONMENT: Exposed hill top

Unmistakably dominating the landscape between Melbourne and Geelong are the twin humps of the You Yangs. As folklore has it (or scientists) 350-million years ago – so long ago that it’s incomprehensible – magma pushed up into sedimentary rocks and cooled below the surface. The plains surrounding the You Yangs are part of the world’s third largest basalt plain. Erosion from wind and rain over the millennia has exposed the granite outcrops dotted across the You Yangs surface. Interestingly they are in the driest part of Victoria south of the Great Dividing Range owing to a rain shadow created by the Otway Ranges. Take your Terry, fill up the water bottles and slop on the banana boat, it gets hot up here in the Summer.