Bright has rich roots reaching back to the gold mining blitz of the mid 19th century. A wander along the Canyon trail which begins in town and meanders the length of the Oven’s river to Brights outskirts is testament to its gold sifting past. Trenches pepper the path where tailings from gravel pits high above the river slant down into the rushing water, effectively removing any gravel sluice in the miners quest for gold.  

These days Bright’s trade is people. Tourists flock to the town year round, warmer months see the hiking/biking crowd, while colder months attract the snow bunnies. The town has worked hard in the last decade to ensure a year round flow of tourist dollars, with playgrounds built beside the Ovens, mountain bike trails stretching outwards from its centre and a multitude of eateries springing forth.

There’s a bunch of attractions on its doorstep worth venturing out for. During out stay we took a day at Dinner Plains which takes in the vistas as you pass up through Mt Hotham resort. A drive through Tawonga Gap and into the Kiewa Valley before looping back through Beechworth and side-stopping at Eldorado to inspect the impressive floating shearing shed – also known as the Eldorado dredge – is another great way to chew through a day.